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HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus changed into first determined in the USA in 1981. HIV is an epidemic that attacks those cells of our body that fight infections and illnesses. It makes the sufferer greater susceptible to illnesses. Usually, after obtaining this virus, the patient lives with it for three to four years without any signs till the immune machine in the long run weakens. Soon, the patient starts to increase extraordinary diseases and ultimately dies of a sickness, or in maximum instances, some cancer.

AIDS is the final stage of HIV. If HIV is left untreated, then the patient develops AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). This is the stage whilst the affected person’s immune gadget has been absolutely broken.


Since HIV is a deadly disease, its methods of transmission are also quite similar to other viruses. Some approaches wherein HIV can be transmitted to our body are thru:

(I) Sexual intercourse: The most common form of transmission is sexual intercourse with a person already inflamed. This virus is present in frame fluids which includes semen and saliva. Apart from that, it additionally lies in the reproductive tracts of the vagina. This is why having sexual sex with an HIV tremendous character can switch this virus to your body. It debts for why prostitution is turning into one of the essential causes of AIDS.

(II) Injection needles: Sharing grimy or used injection needles also can unfold this virus. It can introduce this virus to our bloodstream and infect us. This is why drug abusers are much more likely to be HIV fantastic, and disposable syringes are used in every sanatorium.

(III) Mother-to-child transmission: If the mom is HIV high-quality whilst pregnant, she might transmit this virus to her unborn infant. This is why there had been several instances of young children being observed HIV effective.

(IV) Blood transfusions: Having a transfusion of infected or inflamed blood can introduce HIV on your body.


Depending at the contamination section, the signs and symptoms of HIV vary. There are usually three phases of signs and symptoms which can be indexed beneath:

(I) Acute HIV: This is the primary level of infection, and signs develop after to a few weeks of being infected. The not unusual signs and symptoms are fever, headache, rash, diarrhea, cough, sore throat, and swollen lymph glands.

(II) Chronic HIV: This is the latent stage whilst there are no particular signs and symptoms. This stage lasts for some years in several people, and later, they expand even greater extreme diseases due to the immune system’s failure.

(III) Symptomatic HIV: This is the stage when the virus maintains to multiply inside the machine and break the cells. Most of the signs and symptoms like fatigue, diarrhea, oral yeast contamination, weight reduction, and pneumonia seem at this stage.

(IV) Developing AIDS: Finally, the very last level comes when the victims have evolved AIDS, and their immune gadget has been completely broken. At this stage, the affected person will become extra vulnerable to infections. The usual signs are occurring fever, chronic diarrhea, prolonged fatigue, weakness, weight reduction, and white spots at the tongue or mouth.

HIV Treatment

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As of these days, there is no vaccine for HIV. However, sure medicines can prevent a affected person from reaching the final level of growing AIDS.

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After the analysis, the primary HIV treatment is antiretroviral remedy the use of positive combinations of HIV medicines inclusive of Naivex, Tafero, Trustiva, Viraday, and so forth. Antiretroviral remedy can forestall the virus from spre